Head for clear waters

As the two-year anniversary of our launch approaches, we are using this opportunity to take stock – both of ourselves and the environment around us. While we launched at perhaps the worst possible time, with COVID lockdowns being enforced globally, that we have survived this period makes us grateful.

However, when we look around us, at first glance it is a depressing sight. From the amorality of governments and businesses, a climate crisis, to rises in nationalism, a widening wealth divide, and much more, there is considerable evidence to question the sanity of our times. Yet, where does all this stem from?

Is it that fiction is being paraded as fact and truth as lies? If so, then this indeed is The Age of Deception, and we must find ways to swim against the tide. Certainly, in the fashion industry, rampant exploitation of people is hidden under veneers of glossy advertising or greenwashed out of sight by big global brands. While we stand opposed to the exploitative practices seen in our industry by such big brands, we take heart that we are not alone.

We are encouraged to find competitors that share our ethical values, and if you, our visitor, do not find our swimwear to your liking we’d encourage you to visit them instead; for example, Derek Rose, Sandbanks, and Sunspel, amongst others. It might be surprising to you that we’d point you in the way of our competitors, but we have no qualms in doing so – people over profits. 

What matters to us is that whatever swimwear choice you make, we hope it will be one that prevents you from falling into the murky waters of big corporate deceptions and instead head for clear waters!


(Photo Credit: Thanks to one of our customers for sending in his picture; we think it’s a first for our swimwear swimming with a sea turtle, but more importantly, we’re pleased he’s swimming in clear waters – metaphorically & literally! 🌊🐢⚖️)