"Style and justice fused into one."

Based in London, Zusaura was founded by a husband-and-wife team, Amir and Yasmin, with a dream of not just creating a swimwear brand for men of impeccable quality, but one that reflected their personal values too; particularly around social justice. That is why we emphasise ethical and non-exploitative production, and helping those in need in our communities – both at home and abroad – by donating 20% of our profits to UK registered charities, with funds earmarked equally for domestic and international efforts.

The brand idea itself took seed when the couple, while on holiday, were unable to find men’s swimwear for Amir that met their taste. Upon their return from that holiday, the product design specification was quickly established to:

 ensure coverage/sun protection of the torso and legs (to below the knee)
 create a boardshort design that would prevent “ballooning” when entering water
be stylish and made from premium fabrics

    In short, a marriage of functionality and style was required to yield cultured men’s swimwear! To see the fruition of that initial design process in more detail, click on the images below.

    Zusaura Men's Swimwear Brand Concept Visualisation
    Zusaura Men's Swimwear Brand Concept Visualisation
    Zusaura Men's Swimwear Brand Concept Visualisation

    Since then, using high-end fabrics sourced from Italy and Portugal and with manufacturing based in Portugal, we launched in 2020 selling solely online through this website with the hope of growing our brand to be synonymous with style and justice.

    So, whatever our customers’ origins or reasons for choosing our swimwear, we wish to bring that wonderful richness of diversity together towards a common good. In the poetic words of the late, great, People’s Champion:

    “Me, WE!” – Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)