Pluto calling? We hung up!

At Zusaura we choose high quality fabrics and as local a manufacturing base as possible to produce our swimwear. Read on to find out why.


With more fabric requirements and intensive manufacturing required to produce our 13 pattern piece boardshorts versus mainstream offerings, we might be forgiven by some to keep our costs low by sourcing from, and producing in, faraway, high-volume, low-cost centres.


However, our aim at Zusaura is to create a design legacy built on strong ethical principles and a philosophy of stylish refinement and innovation. So, what are these ethical principles?


Well, with respect to fabric sourcing and manufacturing, we have two self-imposed stipulations to meet. The first is to be consistent with our founders’ principles of doing things well and to the best of one’s ability, in every respect. Quality is to be our byword. 


The second principle is our swimwear is to be ethically produced and go beyond the usual ethical sourcing and production considerations. From our perspective this also means supporting those geographically closest to us where our manufacturing needs could be met; which given the decimation of manufacturing in the UK, meant going within Europe, Asia Minor or North Africa where apparel manufacturing still exists. Going further afield than that would run contrary to our wish to honour our closest neighbours and support them.


That is why we at Zusaura have chosen superior, luxurious, Portuguese and Italian engineered swimwear fabrics and have selected an outstanding manufacturer based in Portugal. Even so, while these principles and philosophy bring with them inherent implications, we have chosen to keep our swimwear offering as accessible and affordable as possible.


We believe our customers will recognise and value the obvious differences in our approach and swimwear offering…and that is why we “hung up” on the calls from faraway, low-cost, high-volume centres.