Zusaura Muslim mens swimwear design concept visualisation


Our innovative 13 pattern piece boardshort uses a combination of Portuguese and Italian-made engineered swimwear fabrics. The boardshort uses a one-way stretch fabric (UPF 40+), with the remainder of the garment – the internal lining (or “jammers”) and meshes – using fabrics offering UV protection (UPF 50+), two-way stretch and resistance to suntan creams and oils.

Further, our boardshorts provide coverage to below the knees – whether swimming or out of the water – and thus, when worn with our rash vests provide a modest, yet stylish, look. From the accompanying design concept visualisation, you will notice the jammers cover, and are held, to below the kneecaps using elastic high grip bands. At this point, the jammers are also connected to the boardshort fabric by a ring-shaped, two-way stretch mesh. This mesh ensures:

1. the boardshort is held flexibly at, or below, the kneecap (and helps conceal the underlying jammers)

2. air/water can flow up between the jammer and boardshort fabrics (and exits the waist mesh to prevent “ballooning” of the shorts)

Finally, with knee darts, and both an elasticated waistband and a concealed drawcord for adjustment to sit comfortably and securely on the waist, the boardshorts are stylish and versatile shorts for swimming, general exercise or casual everyday use.

Rash Vests

Our rash vests use Italian-made engineered swimwear fabrics that offer numerous features of comfort and performance. Additionally, decorative mesh side panels are overlaid on the main fabric to give a stylish and complimentary look with our boardshorts.

The luxurious primary fabrics of our rash vests provide the snug fit against the wearer's body; and, are also the same luxurious fabrics used for the internal lining (jammers) of our boardshorts.

Zusaura Islamic swimwear rash vest fabric features
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Caring for your swimwear

Follow the wash care label instructions on the garments to best care for your swimwear. In summary, both the rash vests and boardshorts should be rinsed after use and are machine washable to 30°C (on a gentle cycle using a non-biological detergent) and:

1) should be washed with similar colours

2) should not be bleached, ironed, tumble dried or dry cleaned

Wearing your Zusaura boardshorts

To put on your boardshorts we recommend you:

1) thread one foot through a trouser leg at a time – with your fingers, widen the elasticated band on the bottom of the jammers to thread your foot through – and ensure the band ultimately sits just below your kneecap

2) with both feet threaded through the jammers, pull the boardshorts up to the waist ­

3) use the waist drawcords to provide a secure and comfortable fit

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